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Creating a Positive Employee Experience: Is HR Technology the Solution?

Explore how HR technology, like LIVD, can transform employee experiences by simplifying compensation, enhancing retention, and fostering a positive work environment. Dive into the evolution of HR challenges and the role of digital solutions in creating a sustainable, productive workplace.
Creating a Positive Employee Experience: Is HR Technology the Solution?

HR in Review: A Brief History of Prominent Problems in HR

When juggling the seemingly endless tasks of HR administration, it can become challenging to efficiently “do it all.” Maintaining health and safety, equitable compensation and benefits, and monitoring productivity are just a few of the many HR Management responsibilities – any of which may inevitably begin to slip through the cracks without effective solutions. 

Of course, there are the classic and generic solutions: “focus on teamwork and communication” and “just make sure to treat everyone the same.” But how will these suggestions affect actual changes in employee experiences? And what tools can be used to implement solutions that stick? Here, we outline some specific problems often faced in HR and how technological advancements may be just the right solution to tackle them.

The Rise of Technology and How it May Solve HR Problems

Over the past 20 years, we have seen some of the most revolutionary technological advancements. Today, we have 24/7 access to modern technology – through our mobile devices, laptops, and tablets – and with that, the unlimited power to get answers to our questions, directions from point A to B, and instantaneous updates on current events – all in a matter of seconds. And still, history continues to repeat itself. We still experience many of the same challenges of our past, for example, problems in HR.

Two such problems include effectively compensating and retaining employees:

  1. Compensating employees: keeping track of payroll is no simple feat – it involves incredible caution and responsibility. At times, it can be pretty stressful, and yet employee compensation goes far beyond allocating monetary earnings. For example, providing personalized, flexible reward systems and benefits may also be involved. With endless possibilities of what is considered “compensation,” the issue becomes quite complex, creating tension for both employer and employee.
  2. Retaining employees: it may be argued that employee retention – that is, keeping employees interested and motivated to continue on – is one of the most significant roles in HR Management. Ensuring that employees are content and feel appreciated for what they contribute can be tricky. Just as every company is unique, so are its employees, each with their own preferences for what will optimally fulfill them in the workplace.  

How YOU Can Use HR Technology to Foster a Positive Employee Experience 

So what can you do to solve these problems? How can you cultivate a positive working environment for your employees? We’re glad you asked!

With modern technology comes endless possibilities for HR Management. There are digital platforms dedicated to making these problems disappear. What were once challenging and controversial topics are made simple by using services that streamline many of your HR needs. The hardest part is choosing the best service to invest in. 

That’s where LIVD comes in – we save you time and energy by providing flexible resources that show your employees how much you value them. The best part? Our technology benefits all parties involved – developing a positive and productive working environment that can be sustained long-term.

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