How LIVD works for Companies

Supercharge Employee Engagement with Flexible Fringe Benefits.

Make your workplace world class by implementing a fringe benefits platform designed for today’s diverse workforce. Offer your on-site and remote team members benefits they genuinely care about, from brands they love.

How it works for Employers

Set a monthly budget per employee, and let us handle the rest.

Our platform is designed to be incredibly straightforward, ensuring you can focus on what matters most—your team. 

Save HR Time

Say goodbye to headaches of reconciliations and manual reimbursements. LIVD streamlines your fringe benefits administration, freeing up your HR management time.

Stay on Budget

You're only charged for the benefits your team needs, ensuring you stay within budget while offering a wide array of fringe benefits. This cost-effective approach aligns perfectly with the financial constraints and aspirations of SMBs, providing a flexible yet predictable budgeting tool.

Diverse and Flexible Benefits

Empower your employees by offering them a wide array of choices from our extensive partner network. Whether it’s food, or wellness, let them be in the driver seat! This flexibility not only caters to the individual needs of your employees but also positions your company as a forward-thinking employer.

We Keep it Simple

Designed for teams whether they’re remote, in the office, or hybrid. Our platform's user-friendly interface makes managing benefits a breeze, ensuring that both HR managers and employees can navigate and utilize it with ease.

80% of organizations believe their employees are highly satisfied with their benefits, however only 58% of employees report high satisfaction.

AFLAC, 2023

Focus on your employees,
not the paperwork

Are you running a team? How about giving them the freedom to pick and customize their own perks? Our simple subscription model gives companies the tools to create a benefits programs that’s not only inclusive and flexible, but also makes work a whole lot more engaging.

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