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Balancing Flexibility and Accountability: Managing Your Small Business Remotely

Embrace the rise of remote work by balancing flexibility and accountability in managing your small business. Boost employee satisfaction, productivity and accountability by using technological platforms, maintaining open conversations, and implementing regular team check-ins.

The Rise of Remote Work

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporate world has adapted to prioritize the health and safety of all employees. At one point, this meant moving operations to a completely remote version. Although much has changed since then, remote working opportunities are still quite common and widely preferred by many employees

Many studies have assessed these preferences to understand employees’ opinions of their “ideal” workplace conditions. Interestingly, surveys have shown that:

  1. When asked what would happen if they had to return to work in person full-time, half of the respondents stated they would look for a new job
  1. Additionally, those working from home report higher productivity and work-life balance compared to their office-working counterparts!

Providing your employees with the opportunity to work at least in part remotely may be a great way to boost positivity and satisfaction among your small business. However, along with all the benefits of workplace flexibility, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of remote work. 

For one, how can you ensure your employees are working when they are physically in a different place than you? How do you go about balancing flexibility and accountability? And finally, how can you provide remote options in ways that maximize the success of your small business? 

Here, we outline some tools and resources you can use as you navigate this new working method!

How You Can Promote Accountability Within Your Team

Interested in learning more about incorporating remote work in your small business? Let’s break down some of the top ways to balance flexibility while still maintaining accountability: 

  • Make it an open conversation with your employees! One of the many benefits of operating a small business involves the opportunity for personal connections. Ask your team their thoughts on remote alternatives. Is this something that would make them happy? Do they think they would be productive and accountable while working from home? By including your employees in this decision, they will feel more in control. They will also appreciate that you value their opinions – a great way to ensure they remain accountable outside the office. Perhaps you could include core office workdays, such as Tues-Thurs as a suggestion, or core work hours. 
  • Invest in platforms that make remote work more accessible. If you plan to work remotely, technology is your best friend! This means you must carefully consider which digital platforms will help facilitate a successful remote experience. Of course, using Zoom or Microsoft Teams are both great options for meeting with employees. But there are also additional ways to incorporate technology – for example, by subscribing to services specializing in small business operations. LIVD offers digital HR support for you and your team. By investing, you show your employees how much you value them. This will further develop your relationships with them, promoting productivity and accountability with the knowledge that you value their work.
  • Implement regular check-ins with your team. With consistent communication via email or virtual meetings, your employees will stay on task during their “at-home” work day. This will also be an excellent opportunity to gain some clarity from one another, ask questions, and open the door for continued communication down the line.

Trying to successfully navigate the modern corporate world can take time and effort. However, with sufficient knowledge of the resources at your disposal, your transition into a more flexible workplace environment will be sure to foster an accountable and motivated demeanor from your team. 

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