LIVD Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 1, 2021

At LIVD, we want to offer our users a better beauty experience. In this Privacy Policy, we explain what data we receive and collect from you, how we use and share that information, and what choices you have in how we do this. 

Overview of this Privacy Policy

LIVD (“LIVD,” “we,” “our,” and/or “us”) cares about the privacy of individuals (“Users”, “you”, and/or “your”) who use our applications, websites, features, and services (“LIVD Platform” and/or “Platform”) anywhere in the world. This policy applies to both our “Consumers” (individuals who receive beauty services on the LIVD Platform), “Artists” (individuals performing these services on the Platform), and others (including individuals that an existing User has invited to the Platform). Your use of LIVD is subject to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. Note, our data practices are subject to applicable laws in the jurisdictions in which we operate and, as such, we only engage in the practices described in this policy if permitted by local laws.

Your Information

What we collect and how we collect it

A. The information you provide us

  • User registration and profile: When you sign up for a LIVD account, we collect your name, phone number, email address, and password. Users also have the option of creating a profile with additional personal information including your hometown, education, and work experience.
  • Payment method and payroll information: We utilize a third-party provider to handle payments for us. This party will receive credit card information for our Consumers as well as banking information for our Artists. The third-party also receives your phone number and installed application information. In order to protect your financial data, we do not store your full credit card and banking information on our servers.
  • Consumer application: As part of registration to become a LIVD Consumer, we also collect information from your government issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport). This information is shared with a third-party provider to confirm your identity to protect our community.
  • Artist application: As part of registration to become a LIVD Artist, we collect additional personal information including your Social Insurance Number (SIN) as well as information from your government issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport). This information is shared with a third-party provider to confirm your identity and perform a background check to protect our community.
  • User communications and content: We receive and collect additional information when you contact us directly. This may include your name and email address, feedback, photographs, other recordings, contents of the message and any associated attachments, as well as any other information you choose to provide.

B. The information we collect when you use our Platform

  • Location data: The location data of our Users enables us to match Consumers with a selection of nearby Artists that offer the beauty services they are looking for. It also helps provide Artists with a nearby market of Consumers looking for the services they offer. Depending on the permissions you give, we will collect precise or approximate location data from your mobile device when the app is running in the foreground (app open and on-screen) or background (app open but not on-screen). We also receive the data of locations you have labeled as “Home,” “Work,” and “Studio.” While it is possible to use the LIVD Platform without enabling us to collect your location data, this may affect some of the Platform’s functionality. Note, location data collected by the Artist (for Consumers) or the Consumer (for Artists) will still be linked to both accounts, even if one of the Users has not enabled the sharing of location data. If applicable, location data shall be utilized for calculating any travel charges.
    If you give us permission, we may collect your location data to offer you relevant promotions.
    We may utilize this data to help us investigate any potential fraud or improper charges. In addition, our Safety team may access the location data in order to help protect the LIVD community or a member of the public. If necessary, the Safety team may share this data with relevant authorities.
  • Device data: During installation and use of the LIVD app, we may receive and collect information from your device. This includes your mobile operating system and version, phone manufacturer, IP address, software and apps including web browser, unique device identifiers, mobile advertising identifiers, mobile network data, preferred language, and push notification tokens.
  • Transaction and usage data: We automatically receive and collect information about your transactions on our app. This includes the type of service booked and booking details, appointment cancellations, pricing details, location where the service was performed, and payment information. We also collect data on how you use and interact with our Platform. This includes the date and time you accessed our Platform; pages you viewed, features you interacted with, and your other actions with the app; and data surrounding any app bugs or crashes including hardware and software information as well as interactions with third-party sites and apps.
  • Data from cookies and other technologies: Cookies are small text files placed on your device to store basic information. We utilize “cookies” and other similar technology to authenticate users, save your preferences and settings, and better understand how you interact with our platform, including any advertising campaigns.
  • Contact data: In the LIVD app, you have the ability to gift credits for LIVD services, offer promotion codes to invite new users, and share your service data with your contacts. You can use these services by providing LIVD access to your mobile contact book, directly entering contact information, or using third-party services such as text or email to provide this information. We may associate your account with these contacts. If given permission to access your mobile contact book, we may also access and store names and contact information to enable invitations, social media interactions, and other purposes described at the time of collection.
  • User feedback: Consumers are able to provide a rating, commentary, and photos of their interaction with the Artist following completion of a service. Artists are able to provide a rating of their interaction with the Consumer following completion of a service. We may also receive additional information from a User or others relating to a claim or dispute.

C. The information we collect from other sources

  • Background information on Consumers: To help ensure the safety of Users on our Platform, we utilize a third-party provider to perform ID verification on our Consumers.
  • Background information on Artists: To help ensure the safety of Users on our Platform, we utilize a third-party provider to perform ID verification as well as criminal background checks on our Artists. As a result, we receive publicly available information about an Artist’s background.
  • Third-party services: If Users choose to link their LIVD account with a third-party’s service, we receive additional information (similar to the information described above) directly from those services.
  • Third-party partners: Some of our third-party partners may provide us with additional information about you. This may include but is not limited to insurance providers, marketing service providers, payment services providers, and IT security consultants.

Note we may combine data received from any of these sources with other information we have about you.

What we do with the data we collect

  • Provide you the services you want: While LIVD uses the data we collect for a variety of purposes as described in this policy, our primary goal of collecting this information is to offer you the best beauty experience possible. Your data is used to:
    • Create and update your accounts
    • Verify the identity of all our Users
    • Perform background checks on our Artists
    • Connect Consumers and Artists on our Platform and process payments for services completed
    • Allow Users to rate their experience, upload photos, and provide reviews
    • Enable Users to refer other individuals, send gifts through the Platform, and share details about their appointments
    • Personalize your experience
    • Maintain and improve our internal operations, including troubleshooting technical issues as well as monitoring and analysing usage
  • Improve our services: We may use the data to develop, test, and analyse ongoing enhancements to our Platform. This includes developing new features and products, enhancing our safety procedures, and preventing the improper use of our services.
  • Ensure the safety of our Users: We use the data we collect to help ensure the safety and security of our Users, the public, and our services. We screen both our Consumers and Artists, prior to their use of our platform and may do so at subsequent intervals, to keep unsafe individuals from using our services. This may include ID verification, background checks, and photo confirmation. We also use Consumer and Artist ratings and feedback to ensure the quality of service and the behaviour of our Users meet LIVD standards. As a result, Users with low ratings or with other violations of our policies may be deactivated and barred from the Platform.
  • Government requests and legal requirements: Along with our internal efforts to foster a safe community of LIVD Users, we may share some of the data we have collected with relevant law enforcement or other government agencies to protect the safety of our Users or the public.
  • Provide customer support: We also use the data in order to investigate and address any issues you experience with the LIVD Platform. We may also use the data to help evaluate and improve our customer support team.
  • Communication between Users: As part of the normal course of our business, various issues may arise whose resolution may involve the sharing of some personal information (including name and phone number or email address) between different Users of the Platform. This may include communication around bookings or retrieving a lost item. 
  • Marketing: We may use the information to market our services to our Users including highlighting our services and features, promotions and special offers, surveys, as well as news and updates. LIVD may also use the information to send communications marketing the services of our partners to our Users. This could include providing recommendations and promotions of different makeup or beauty products that may be relevant to the Consumer or Artist. The marketing communications we send to you (on our or a partner’s behalf) may be personalized based on information we have collected. We do not share or sell your personal data to our partners or other parties for their own direct marketing, without your express consent.
  • Other communications: We may use the data we have collected for communications other than marketing our services or the services of our partners. This may include notifications regarding booking updates, receipts, and changes to our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

How we share the data we collect

A. Between Consumers and Artists

  • About Artists: 
    • Public profiles – Consumers are able to access the public profile of any Artist on the Platform. Information in an Artist’s profile includes their name, photo, ratings, reviews, summary of services offered, education and work experience (if included), as well as photos of their work and studio posted by the Artist and/or prior customers.
    • Potential matches – Once a Consumer has searched for potential Artists, they will see additional information on their potential matches including their approximate distance from the Consumer (if the Artist provides services in their home or studio), pricing, as well as their availability.
    • Confirmed match – Consumers will receive the precise location of where the appointment will take place. Note, the Consumer may share details of their upcoming appointments with others, including individuals outside the LIVD Platform.
    • Ratings & Feedback – Consumers will not see the specific rating they received from the Artist although they may be able to infer the score based on its impact on their overall rating.
  • About Consumers: 
    • Public profiles Consumers do not have a public profile on our Platform that can be found by Artists or other Consumers. Note, if a Consumer has a linked (using same email) Artist account their Artist information will be visible to other Consumers as described above. 
    • Potential matches – Artists do not see information about which Consumers have potentially matched with them.
    • Confirmed match – Once a Consumer has confirmed a booking with an Artist, the Artist will be able to see basic information about the Consumer. This includes their name, photo, rating, requested services, any special requests or comments, as well as the location they are booked at, potentially the Consumer’s home or work. Note, the Artist may share details of their upcoming appointments with others, including individuals outside the LIVD Platform.
    • Ratings & Feedback – Artists will be able to see the rating and any feedback and/or photos included in the Consumer’s review, once the Artist has completed their review of the Consumer or the time period to complete a review of the Consumer has elapsed.
  • Other: As noted above, we may share some personal information of our Users with other Users to resolve various issues that may arise during normal operation, such as retrieving a lost item.

B. With others at a User’s request

  • Gifts – When sending gifts the recipient will be notified of your name, the amount of the gift, and any message you have included. 
  • Booking details – We will share the details of a confirmed upcoming appointment, including the Consumer’s name, location of the appointment, and timing of the appointment.
  • Referrals and promotions – If you refer a friend to the Platform, we will share certain basic personal details about you with the recipient. If you sign up with a referral code, we will notify the referrer about your redemption of the promotion.

C. With our partners

  • If a User connects to our Platform through a third-party service, we may share certain information regarding your use of LIVD. We may share some data with our third party partners to create tailored promotions for you.

D. With our service providers

  • We utilize of variety of consultants, vendors and other service providers and may provide data to them. These may include:
    • Payment processors
    • ID verification (all Users) and background check (Artists only) providers
    • Data analytics and research partners
    • Various professional service providers, such as lawyers, and accountants
    • Third-party suppliers for the Artists
    • IT consultants and cloud storage providers
    • Marketing partners
    • Security and safety consultants and vendors
    • Insurance providers

E. With government authorities, law enforcement officials, and third-parties

  • We may share our Users’ personal data with relevant authorities if we believe disclosure is required to comply with a law, regulation, legal process, or operating license. We may also share the data in order to protect the safety, property or rights of our Users, LIVD, or the public.
  • We may also share personal data with others while negotiating a change of corporate control, including any merger, sale of assets, restructuring, or acquisition.

F. With your consent

  • With your consent, we may share your data, other than as described in this policy.

What we retain and when we delete it

  • As part of our operations, we retain data about our Users, as described above, for as long as they retain their account or as long as permitted by law.
  • Users can request deletion of their account by emailing us at with the subject “Account Deletion Request”. Once the request has been processed, we will delete the data that we are not required to retain for tax, insurance, and/or legal/regulatory purposes. We may continue to use the data we have retained for safety/security, fraud prevention, and research and development. Note, we may not be able to delete your account until any outstanding charges are settled and issues are resolved.
  • We retain information required to protect the safety, security and integrity of our Platform. This includes retaining information to ensure we can prevent any Users whose accounts have been deactivated for safety, security, or fraud issues from opening a new account in the future.

Your Choices

  • We provide Users the opportunity to request access to their data, make changes to their account settings, delete their accounts, and restrict our processing of their personal data.
  • Notification settings: We utilize push, text, and email notifications to update you on operational and transactional information about your account as well as for commercial and promotional purposes. Users can unsubscribe from our promotional emails by following the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of the promotional email itself. Users can also reply “STOP” to any promotional texts we send to stop receiving them. We will continue to send you emails related to your transaction (such as receipts) and important updates (such as changes to our Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy). We will also continue to send you texts related to your use of our services. If you wish to opt out of receiving all text messages, you can text the word “STOPALL” to any message you have received from LIVD. However, this may impact your use of our services. Additionally, if you choose to silence push notifications from the Settings page in the app, this may also impact your use of our services. 
  • Location data: We use location data to help match our Consumers and Artists which makes setting up an appointment quicker and easier. However, if you would prefer to not share this data with us, you can change the app permissions through your device’s operating system settings.
  • Your profile: Consumer profiles are not visible to the public and Artists can only see limited information about the Consumer once they have been paired. Artists can decide how much detail they wish to share in their public profile (their name, services offered, rating, reviews, and photos submitted by Consumers are always visible). They have the option to add information about their education and work experience, photos, as well as completing an additional “About Me” section.
  • Editing your information: Users are able to edit certain information about themselves in the “Profile” and “Settings” pages in the app, including their email address, password, profile picture, personal information, and home/work locations. Users can request deletion of their account by emailing us at with the subject “Account Deletion Request”. Note, we will retain certain information about your account following deletion and may use it for various purposes as discussed in this policy.


  • Updates to our Privacy Policy: We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. We will notify Users of any material changes through the app as well as via email. We encourage you to review this policy periodically for the latest information. Using our services subsequent to such notice constitutes consent to the changes, to the extent permitted by law.
  • Data security: While we take reasonable precautions to protect your data, we cannot guarantee its complete security and take no responsibility for any harm, damages or losses that result from a breach of the LIVD Platform.
  • Contact information: If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything outlined in our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at